Beautiful, elegant and light on her feet

She was loving and giving

She was absolutely sweet

She was someone we looked up to

And not because of height

And when she gave you a smile

You'd see the twinkle in her eye

She was known to everybody

As someone else you see

She was Mom and she was Grandma

But she was Aunt Barbara to me

She was Sister she was Daughter

She was Wife and she was friend

She was someone else's true love

She was gracious to the end

I know that she has left us now

And even though we're sad

I know that she saw Jesus

As he was reaching down his hand

As she took the stairs to Heaven

With the Angels by her side

She was Greeted by her loved ones

Thankful none was left behind

There was Mamo and then Papa

And then Emma Jean and Cy

Uncle Gerv and Uncle Walt

And many others in that line

As she looked back upon the rest of us

That she had left behind

She blew a kiss and waved so long

And said she'd see us all in time

And even though she left this world

And caused us all to cry

She left behind some special things for us

To me she left her eyes

She left someone her tender smile

She left someone her lips

She left someone her slender legs

And someone else her hips

The biggest thing she left behind

She gave us all a part

It's something special we all share

A piece of her loving heart

So each time we see each other

And before our time is through

Let's use that something special

She left both for me and you

Let's remember how she loved us

All the good times we all shared

All our memories will last forever

because we know how much she cared

So now we say so long to her

But never say goodbye

Because we know that someday soon

She'll greet us in the sky

We love you

© 2007 Susan Hardy Benavides